ISLAMABAD: The sales tax on poultry feed has been increased from 10 per cent to 17 per cent, a briefing by the poultry association said to the committee reviewing prices of poultry products. 

Poultry prices depend on supply and demand, while the imposition of taxes will increase the price of poultry feed by 3,000 tons, Poultry Association said. 

Hatching eggs are imported from the United States, and the sales tax on hatching eggs has been reduced from zero to 17 per cent. Production declined during the pandemic waves, causing prices to rise.

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The FBR has stated that the tax on hatching eggs will be reviewed. 

According to reports from the meeting, bitter words were exchanged between Senator Kamil Ali Agha and poultry representatives in the committee meeting

“Chicken meat is now out of reach of the poor man,” Kamil Ali Agha remarked, “wedding halls were closed during Corona. If demand did not increase then why prices go up.” 

Poultry people have oppressed the poor man in the month of Ramadan, Kamil Ali Agha said.

The committee rejected a sales tax rate of 17 per cent and demanded the poultry association to provide cheaper poultry products to the consumers. 


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