Women’s combed-out hair is becoming increasingly popular as a source of earning owing to its high profitability in the international beauty markets.

Zubair Arshad who works as a hair collector says that they have a preference for hair that falls out while brushing because it creates the best quality hairpieces. He added that he is always trying to find good quality hair, which is purchased at the price of Rs4,000 per kg from women in Pakistan.

The hair is later exported to China, where it is used to make wigs.

The collector explained that he generally sells hair to dealers at the price of Rs7,000 per kg. The hair is sold by these dealers to the custom clearing agents for up to Rs10,000 per kg. The custom agents later supply them to China at the price of Rs15,000 per kg. Hence, there are large profit margins for all parties involved.

Another hair collector, Nadeem Khan, shared that hair cut at salons are useless for them. He collects hair that naturally falls out from follicles.

A hair dealer, Mushtaq Khan, said he had been in the business for the last three years, and shared that the venture was increasing in popularity every passing day.

He added that previously women used to dispose of their hair but they have started saving them in shopping bags now.

He added that fallen hair was also collected from beauty salons, where the workers would secure them separately.

He shared that almost all beauty parlors managed to collect nearly one kg every month after acquiring around 250grams per customer.

Khan also added that the business had gained popularity in Pakistan, and wigs made of hair fall out are now sold at the rate of around Rs25,000 – Rs100,000 in the country.

Talking about the order frequency, he said that up to 10 consignments were sent to China from Islamabad International Airport (IIA) thrice every week.

The story was filed by the News Desk. The Desk can be reached at info@thecorrespondent.com.pk.


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