Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry on Wednesday lashed out at the Afghan military and civil leadership, wondering where all the aid money had “vanished” which was supposed to build the army. 

The minister’s comments came in the wake of yet another offensive by the Taliban, as the insurgents claimed that they were now in control of 65 percent of Afghanistan and taken or threaten to take 11 provincial capitals.

Flaying the “so-called” Afghanistan leadership, Chaudhry said people in both Afghanistan and the United States must be wondering where the hefty $2 trillion, that was supposed to build the Afghanistan National Army, had gone. 

He took to twitter to vent his anger saying “how come all ministers and generals became billionaires but the people of Afghanistan are suffering due to poverty? Who is responsible for these sufferings?” he wondered. 

“Corruption of leadership drowns nations and Afghanistan is an example of that,” he tweeted.


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