Following the collapse of the Afghan government and the takeover by the Taliban, the western media has been shifting blame to Pakistan.

This is all an attempt to conceal the failure of the foreign forces and the incompetence of Ashraf Ghani and his equally inept government.

Political Analyst Shahid Raza revealed the Afghan government’s ineptitude in an interview to the BBC. “It is unfortunate that Afghan government until recently has not managed the security of their areas. They have a 300,000 strong military … a significant western aid as far as the military training is concerned… “

He also specified that it erroneous to blame Pakistan for Afghanistan’s own shortcomings. “It would be unfair to blame Pakistan for the ineptitude and lack of will on behalf of Afghanistan’s national security forces to fight Taliban.”

“Taliban are an autonomous group. They raise their own money. They have their financial channels,” Raza continued, denying the charge that Taliban were students from Pakistani Madrassas.

Claiming that Pakistan had any automated control over the Taliban or that they were Pakistan’s proxy was simply an incorrect statement according to Raza, and thus any attempt to taint Pakistan’s credibility by the western media was groundless.

The Kabul regime and the political elite of Afghanistan, for their vested interests, have been trying to blame Pakistan to cover up their faults.

In an interview with Fox News, the then US Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton explained how the militancy in Pakistan has links to the US-backed proxy war and the US-funded Taliban, making it evident that the US created Taliban.

The western media always chose to ignore Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war against terrorism and also failed to critically question justification and rationale for the Afghan war.

In a report, the United Nations also revealed that thousands of anti-Pakistan TTP militants were operating in Afghanistan, and involved in cross-border operations. It’s not only the TTP but also groups like the Balochistan Liberation Army that have allegedly found a safe haven in Afghanistan.

According to the assessment, the number of fighters ranged between 2,500 and 6,000. One Member State reported that TTP was responsible for more than 100 cross-border attacks between July and October 2020.

Displeased over the peace process in Afghanistan, India also wants to undermine the US-Taliban peace deal to continue to utilize TTP as a useful asset for terrorist activities in Pakistan.

The recent shreds of evidence shared by the government of Pakistan also revealed that TTP attacks on China’s interests in Pakistan were also a proxy for India used by Pakistan’s eastern neighbor in its rivalry with both Pakistan and China.

Pakistan had time and again urged the Afghan government to eliminate TTP safe havens in the northeastern Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nuristan but to no avail.

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