A Dutch national, Victor Gevers, claimed to have hacked US President Donald Trump’s twitter account on October 22, 2020 by guessing his password: MAGA2020.

Victor Gevers shared screenshots of the inside of Mr Trump’s account. The White House denied this claim, but Dutch prosecutors confirmed on Wednesday that Victor Gevers did successfully log in to Mr Trump’s twitter account.

Gevers is a known cyber-security researcher who tries to find flaws in social media platforms. He claimed that he found a weakness in the US President’s Twitter account while he conducted a sweep of Twitter accounts of US Presidential candidates.

Twitter, however, denied Gevers’ claim.

It responded: “We’ve seen no evidence to corroborate this claim, including from the article published in the Netherlands today. We proactively implemented account security measures for a designated group of high-profile, election-related Twitter accounts in the United States, including federal branches of government.”


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