Dr Sohail Saleem, the former head of sports medicine of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has said that his resignation was not voluntary and was forced to resign.

He said that PCB’s CEO Wasim Khan asked him to resign after the Pakistan Super League (PSL) got postponed due to rising COVID-19 cases among the players and support staff.

While giving an interview to a newspaper Saleem said, “Without a second’s hesitation, I tendered my resignation. However, in my personal opinion, I was made a scapegoat for the mismanagement that took place to save others who were responsible for the postponement of PSL.”

Dr Saleem further said that he also has a lot to say but will not disclose in the national interest.

He also shared that PCB still hasn’t shared the two-member fact-finding committee’s report on the PSL with him. Furthermore, he questioned whether PCB ever trained him to deal with COVID-19 situation.

“At least I should have been told what my negligence was,” he said. The doctor, however, added he was not ashamed that he had parted ways with the PCB. 

Dr Saleem said he was directly involved in organising international series as well as domestic tournaments in the country during the pamdemic.

“I worked day and night for 365 days and this is the treatment I received,” he said. 

Dr Saleem had tendered his resignation in March which was accepted by the PCB in April.

On March 4, the sixth edition of the PSL was postponed abruptly due to rising COVID-19 cases among players and support staff.

A few days later, the PCB formed a two-member fact finding committee to review the bio-secure protocols breach as well as the bylaws that were put in place for the sixth edition of the PSL.


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