The Twitterati have lashed out at Islamabad’s authorities after a video of Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) employees went viral where they can be seen uprooting the stall of a fruit vendor and manhandling the vendor.

This incident took place at G-11 Markaz during an anti-encroachment drive.

In the video, it can be seen that the CDA employees have seized the fruit cart and loaded it in their vehicle. They also mistreated the vendor.

A Twitter user said, “Probably he refused to give him [CDA official] free fruit or wasn’t paying his monthly bribe to the inspector. This is heartbreaking. I mean you can tell him to move to another location or CDA can allocate spaces for such poor vendors. But no they’ll make him cry in the middle of the road. Shameful”

A Twitter user said that government should give these people designated places while urging action against the CDA official over highhandedness.

Fraah Saadia took to Twitter and said, “This is cruelty as well as a waste of food. First evacuate G-8 and G-9 parking from car dealers and relocate these vendors to these spots like G-11.”

Mahwash Ajaz used Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem to caption the video that translates as ‘stones and bricks are locked up, and dogs free’.

Last year, CDA carried out anti-encroachment operations in areas including Barri Imam, Islamabad Expressway, Orchard Scheme, Sector F-6, F-7, G-9, G-8, G-7, G-11, I-8, I-9, Margalla Town, Khanna Pul, Park Road, Jabba Teli and other areas and demolished several illegal constructions from the state land.


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