Legendary Pakistani film actor, producer and director S Suleiman passed away today at the age of 80.

He was dealing with multiple medical ailments, including diabetes and cardiac problems.

Suleiman was in a critical condition and had been shifted to National Hospital, Lahore, two weeks ago. His wife, kathak dancer Panna Begum had appealed to the government to financially aid the family during this difficult period.

S Suleiman directed over 60 Lollywood films throughout his career, including Zeenat, Aag, and Muhabbat. The film Zeenat served as an inspiration for the Indian film Baghbaan.

He was the mentor of noted Pakistani director Syed Noor, who served as assisstant director to Suleiman for 18 films. Suleiman’s film’s launched multiple actors into stardom, including Najma, Babra Sharif, and Ghulam Mohiyuddin.


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