Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt has called the fall of the Afghan government to the Taliban “a dark day that has dark consequences”.

Carl Bildt blamed former US President Donald Trump, who “signed an agreement with the Taliban that the US would leave if the Taliban promised to keep al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups away”, and current President Joe Biden who “continued and almost accelerated that policy”.

According to Bildt, all of this could and should have been prevented.

“The US and others should have kept a force in and around Kabul that made it impossible for the Taliban to march in, thus paving the way for a real political solution.” He continued.

“You wanted out, and you wanted out as fast and as fully as possible”, PM Bildt added.

“I think the Biden administration should be aware that on present trends history might judge that the Soviet Union managed its exit from Afghanistan better than the US did”, Bildt tweeted.

The Biden administration has been facing harsh criticism over their decision to withdraw.

Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, announced that the 46th president should “resign in disgrace” over the situation.


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