A meeting of inter-provincial education ministers under the chairmanship of Federal Minister Education Shafqat Mehmood on Monday decided to re-open educational institutes in three phases from January 18.

In a press conference following the meeting the Education Minister said all universities will be open from February 1. Classes nine to twelve will re-open from January 18 while classes one to eight will re-open from January 25.

He added that scheduled board exams have been delayed and now will be held in May and June, as the students have not finished their coursework.

Teachers and school staff will be allowed to return to the school premises by January 11

Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas tweeted after the conference that students will attend schools on alternate days as before.

Provincial education ministers, in consultation with the National Command Operation Center (NCOC), had decided to close educational institutions in November 2020 due to a rising number of CIVID-19 infections in the second wave of the virus. Previously, education institutes were closed in March during the first wave, and were re-opened in September when daily cases had begun to drop.

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