Twitter is considering to charge subscribers for special content from high-profile accounts in a bid to boost its revenue.

One of the popular social media platforms, Twitter, announced the potential new “Super Follows” service at its annual investor meeting, as it searches for new revenue generating modes along with advertising.

A Twitter spokesperson said the Super Follows initiative will allow creators and consumers to be in direct contact with each other and will give them opportunity to create content that their target audience loves.

The Super Follows idea was discussed during a presentation streamed on Thursday. It was described as a way for Twitter audiences to financially support creators and receive newsletters, exclusive content and even virtual badges in exchange.

The Super Follows will add to Twitter revenue which currently generates money from ads and promoted posts.

No date was given for when Super Follows might become a feature, but more announcements are expected from Twitter in the coming months.

A Facebook like feature is also under consideration to allow users to join groups formed on specific topics.

Twitter aims to reach 315 million “monetizable” users in 2023, from the 192 million it had at the end of last year. The monetizable users are defined as those consumers who log in daily and can be shown ads.

Twitter is aiming for $7.5 billion earning in 2023, more than double the $3.7 billion it got last year.

Twitter is additionally looking to make money is Fleets, a recently added feature where posts and conversations vanish after a day.

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