Former president Donald Trump may have his impeachment trial delayed in the Senate as Minority Leader Mitch McConnell seeks Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to put it off till February.

Channel CBS News reported that McConnel discussed the idea with Senate Republicans during a conference call. However, it is not clear when in February the trial will begin.

It is reported that Schumer is reviewing the request.

Some Democrats favour a delay, saying it will give the upper chamber more time to confirm cabinet nominees. However, hardliners say a speedy trial is necessary to allow the country to move on.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not yet sent the article of impeachment to the Senate.

When asked when she would forward the article to the Senate, Pelosi said she would talk to House impeachment managers about it in a few days.

If the trial is delayed, it would give more time to the impeachment managers and lawyers representing Trump to prepare. However, it is reported that Trump is having some trouble finding legal representation in the wake of the riot he incited.

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham said a defense attorney from South Carolina, Butch Bowers, would be Trump’s lawyer.

Moreover, Trump is also facing backlash from his own party as at least half a dozen Republicans, including McConnell, indicated that they may vote to convict him following an impeachment trial.

Republican senators Pat Toomey, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney have expressed their anger and disappointment in Trump, and some had asked him to resign while some say he committed impeachable offenses.

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