President Donald Trump will be remembered in the history of the United States as the only president impeached twice by the House of Representatives.

The House impeached Trump for “incitement of insurrection” at last week’s Capitol riot.

Ten Republicans revolted against Trump and voted with Democrats to impeach him by 232-197.

But the Senate will take up the issue after Joe Biden’s inauguration as the new US president next week.

The Democratic-controlled House voted on Wednesday after two hours of debate as armed National Guard troops kept watch inside and outside the Capitol.

The FBI has warned of possible armed protests planned for Washington DC and all 50 state capitals ahead of Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

Trump has requested in a video, released soon after the vote, his followers to remain peaceful.

“Violence and vandalism have no place in our country… No true supporter of mine would ever endorse political violence,” he said in a somber and conciliatory tone.

The House proceeded with impeachment of Trump after Vice President Mike Pence refused to invoke 25th Amendment of the Constitution that gives power to vice president and cabinet to declare president unfit for the office and remove him.

The impeachment charges are, however, political and not criminal. Trump was accused by Congress of inciting his supporters to storm the Capitol with a speech on 6 January outside the White House.

He asked them to stop Congress from certifying Biden’s victory in November elections. And, 139 Republicans voted against accepting the result of the 2020 election and Trump’s defeat. However, the Congress certified Biden’s win.


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