Former President Donald Trump has waged a war on fellow Republican Mitch McConnell despite the latter voted for the acquittal of former in his second impeachment trial.

“Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack,” said Trump in a venomous statement, adding that “if Republican senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again.”

McConnell, who led the Senate for years, attacked Trump after the vote last week as “morally responsible” for the US Capitol riot because of his election fraud “lies”.

In his speech on the Senate floor, he implied Trump should face criminal and civil litigation, because he was “still liable for everything he did while in office”.

Trump, who left the office on January 20, on Tuesday vent his anger in a statement.

“The Republican Party can never again be respected or strong with political ‘leaders’ like Senator Mitch McConnell at its helm,” his statement reads.

McConnell’s “lack of political insight, wisdom, skill, and personality” had cost the Republicans control of the Senate following last November’s elections, he said.

The former president said McConnell “begged” for his endorsement in his own Senate race, without which Trump claimed McConnell would have lost.

Trump also criticised McConnell for his intentions to stand in the way of future Trump-backed candidates.

The former president said he would back Republican primary challengers who “espouse Making America Great Again and our policy of America First”.

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