KARACHI: In the last 24 hours, three on-duty doctors have lost their lives while battling with COVID-19, according to a statement by the Sindh health department.

Dr Tahir Amin, a retired doctor of Jinnah Hospital, Dr Waseem Uddin who was working at a private clinic in the port city and former DG health Dr Abdul Sattar are the ones who passed away.

According to the ministry, 103 healthcare workers have so far lost their lives while battling the deadly outbreak of novel coronavirus in the country. So far 10,925 healthcare workers have contracted the COVID-19, including 6.791 doctors, 1,360 nurses and 2,774 staff of the hospitals.

Overall 10,038 healthcare workers have recovered from the virus while 666 are under isolation after testing positive for COVID-19.

As per the province-wise break, in Punjab, 1,600 doctors, 400 nurses and 638 healthcare staff contracted the coronavirus.
In KP, 1,260 doctors, 409 nurses and 1,153 health staff were diagnosed with the pandemic.

Similarly, 2,221 doctors, 407 nurses and 519 health staff tested COVID-19 positive, the report said. 516 doctors, 32 nurses and 93 healthcare workers in Balochistan, 794 doctors, 68 nurses and 106 healthcare staff in Islamabad, 121 doctors, two nurses, and 89 health staff in Gilgit-Baltistan and 279 doctors, 42 nurses and 176 healthcare staff were diagnosed with the coronavirus.


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