On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived at the Pakistan-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Forum 2020 in Islamabad, in a 2 day seminar centered around strengthening investment and trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan

While addressing participants of the seminar, Imran Khan stated that Pakistan fears that India will use Afghanistan to destabilise Pakistan, calling the current government of India a Muslim-hating government.

“I tried to mend ways with India but realised they are ideologically against us. We will try to mend ways further. Whatever that is happening in Kashmir, has never happened in the past. There is a fear in Pakistan that India will use Afghanistan to destabilise Pakistan. We have decided that we would abide by the wishes of Afghan people and back them,” the Prime Minister said.

“We tried our best to make Taliban settle down with Americans and then the Afghan government. We are trying our level best to get the level of violence reduced in Afghanistan. We are also trying to ensure that there is a ceasefire in Afghanistan,” continued Imran Khan.

He believes that once peace prevails, Pakistan and Afghanistan should have open borders like European countries do.

“When there is peace, there should be open borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan similar to that in European countries” he added.

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