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Pakistan's exports increase by 54% in July-Aug

Pakistan’s exports increased by 54% in July-Aug

The latest statistics released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics have shown that the exports of the country increased by almost 54 percent in...
Pakistan amounts highest $8bn remittances in July-Sept

Pakistan’s remittances average above $2.7bn for 7th consecutive month

The overseas Pakistanis’ remittances saw record growth of 12.5 percent over the same period last year as they sent the highest-ever $8 billion sum...
Inflation rate surges up to 9%

Inflation rate surges up to 9%

The inflation rate has surged up to 9 per cent in September 2021 due to the consistent increase in prices of food commodities, fuels,...

Rising automobile prices lead to high demand for used cars

Even though locally assembled cars have already become too expensive for a huge majority of people, buying used cars has also become increasingly difficult...
Tarins-plaTax collection rises Rs500b ns-to-broaden-tax-base-fail-miserably-The-Correspondent

Tarin’s plans to broaden tax base failing miserably

The government's efforts to broaden the tax base has failed to yield results as it only managed to integrate 1900 new sales machines within...
Pakistan's debt payment deadline extended

Pakistan gets major relief: Paris club reschedules $11.5bn debt payments

The Paris Club of creditor countries has given another extension to Pakistan to service its debt of $11.5 billion so that the country can...

ECC green signals costly wheat import

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) approved an import tender for wheat at the price of $383.50 per metric ton. This price translates to Rs.65...

Forex chronicles: Reserves drop to 19.5b

The State Bank of Pakistan reported on Thursday, a whopping drop of $479 million in the foreign exchange reserves. The amount held by the...

Why are SME’s unable to afford innovation in Pakistan?

The textile sector of Pakistan has struggled to promote innovation among its ranks. One of the reasons cited for this phenomenon is that the...

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