People protesting in Kabul, Afghanistan.

In the latest protest since the Taliban swept to power an anti-Pakistan rally was gathered in the capital Kabul which was dispersed by firing shots in the air. 

AFP staff witnessed Taliban members firing shots into the air to disperse the crowd.

The protest is the latest of the many protests arranged by a crowd. In the protest a bunch of people came out, mostly women, in front of the Pakistani embassy, holding banners, accusing Islamabad of meddling with Afghanistan’s affairs. 

Pakistan’s intelligence chief Faiz Hameed was in Kabul last weekend, who was reported to be briefed by his country’s ambassador but is also believed to have met with Taliban officials.

Earlier, a demonstration of women protesters demanding participation in the government was tear-gassed by Taliban officials in Kabul. 

Moreover, Tuesday’s demonstration comes after the Taliban claimed total control over Afghanistan a day earlier, claiming that they had won the battle at the last holdout of resistance, the Panjshir Valley.


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