The Afghan Taliban have claimed that the United States bombed and destroyed a hospital and a school in Helmand province.

A statement issued by Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi, spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, on Saturday said the US was continuing to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity as it destroyed Safyyano Hospital and Muhammad Anwar Khan High School in Helmand.

“These recurrent crimes are taking place as American invaders and their internal hirelings have bombed Aryana Hospital, a health clinic in Greshk district, Bost University, multiple mosques, and a large number of markets, shops and homes including Zargarano Super Market in Helmand.

“These crimes demonstrate the depth of depravity and criminal makeup of America internationally, a country that does not care for any humanitarian laws, human rights or international norms when pursuing its imperialistic interests, nor is it bound by any commitments.

“The Islamic Emirate condemns the brutal bombings of civilians, civilian infrastructure and public places in the strongest terms and considers these incidents a good example exposing the savage face of America to the world.

“The Afghan people and the Islamic Emirate will stand against America with full strength akin to the two-decade Jihad and avenge its persecuted nation, Allah willing,” the statement concluded.

US ATTACK: Meanwhile, the newspaper The Times reported that the US forces bombed with B-52 bombers and AC 130 aircraft, Taliban positions in three Afghan cities.

The newspaper pointed out that the bombers launched from Qatar and bombed Taliban positions in Kandahar, Herat and Helmand.

For its part, the Afghan Ministry of Defense announced that more than 200 Taliban were killed in air strikes by our forces on the city of Sheberghan, noting that there were heavy losses among the Taliban as a result of the American bombing of B-52 bombers.


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