Taliban attack on Ghorian district in Herat was pushed back by Afghan security forces who killed at least 20 members of the group on Wednesday night, Governor Abdul Saboor Qani said on Thursday.

He said that the fighters had gathered from different parts of the western province to attack the area. 

Qani said hundreds of Taliban’s armed members took part in the attack.

“A Taliban’s suicide car bomber was targeted by security forces before reaching its target,” the governor said. 

The local security officials also said that more than 20 Taliban were killed in the attacks and more than 10 others were wounded.  

Local officials have not commented on possible government forces casualties in the attack.  

Taliban have not commented on the attack. 

On Wednesday, Afghan forces retook the control of Shinwari district in Parwan. 

Sources said that security forces have left several districts, including Alasai district in Kapisa, Kaldar district in Balkh, Feroz Nakhchir district in Samangan and Gilan district in Ghazni.  

But the Ministry of Defense said that reinforcements have been sent to Ghazni province to repel Taliban attacks and also that security forces managed to break the siege of Hesarak district in Nangarhar province.  

Over the past two months, the government has lost control of over 100 districts across the country; however, the Afghan government has said that security forces have retaken control of ten districts in the past few days.


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