Six more arrested in Noor murder case

Protests in pakistan, to demand justice for Noor Mukadam/

On Sunday, six more people were arrested including the owner of Therapy Works, Dr Tahir, in the Noor murder case.

Zahir was not only a patient at Therapy Works but also worked there as a psycotherapist. The organization’s legitimacy has come under question after the incident. Therapy Works denied the allegations claiming that Zahir was never given permission to deal with clients as he had not passed level five of their course. But deleted pictures on instagram and patient testimonies refute the claim.

The six individuals were accused of concealing evidence of the crime after being contacted by Zahir’s father, Zakir Jaffer.

The accused were presented in Magistrate Shehzad Khan’s court, and were alowed a one-day physical remand.

A day ago the police had arrested Zahir Zakir’s gardener who allegedly assisted Zahir in the torture and murder of Noor Mukadam. And after the incident flew to his village in Mansehra.

Noor Mukadam was tortured, murdered and beheaded in Islamabad on 20th July. the accused Zahir Zakir was arrested and is facing trail. As the case developed Zahir’s parents, household members and guards were arrested on the charges of aiding and abetting.


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