Shell Pakistan has planned to utilize the large spread of its retail facility for electric recharge outlets across the nation to maintain and improve its position in Pakistan. The agreement with Karachi Electric is part of its expansion and future market.

“It will be practical to utilize the existing network to meet the upcoming demand,” said an official at the retail department of the company. “The demand is emerging fast from the expected rise in number of the vehicles in coming months and further years ahead”.

“Our legal department also issued a notice at the Pakistan Stock Exchange yesterday to clear the false impression among investors that electric outlets will be separate from the existing business parameters of the company”, he added.   

Considering the environmental impact, the world is moving towards electric vehicles. Many countries around the world are taking initiatives to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by introducing electric vehicles. The government of Pakistan is also moving ahead in the direction to control the harmful emissions and reduce the cost of fuel. Pakistan has, thus, recently approved an Electric Vehicle Policy.

Shell Pakistan followed Pakistan State Oil, the largest fuel retailer by the volume and sales, and has deployed an electric vehicle charger in Islamabad. The initiative by the leading fuel retailers will serve as an improvement in the auto-mobile industry of Pakistan. The two companies plan to increase the number of sites and to strategically expand the electric automobile charging network in the next three to five years. Shell will deploy the charging station equipment, prepare the sites, and manage installation and operations. K-Electric also agreed to ensure enhancement of the grid.

The government recently approved a policy to promote the use of electric vehicles as an eco-friendly mode of transportation in Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan shared a vision that states that by 2030, 60% of the energy used in Pakistan will be green and 30% vehicles will be electric.

The author is a senior business and economy journalist . He has worked for leading local and international news organisations.


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