Pakistani singer-activist Shehzad Roy and Bollywood actor Anupam Kher cleared out a misunderstanding about a video on Twitter.

Roy corrected Kher, who mistakenly wrote on Twitter that the aforementioned video was from India.

Kher replied, saying, “Dear Shehzad Roy! I stand corrected, my friend. I loved the video. Keep up the great work you are doing with these kids!! Love and prayers always!!”

Roy responded to the friendly tweet with, “Sir Anupam Kher, thank you. I am your fan and love the work you do. I will keep you updated about this lovely group of kids and their music.”

On August 18, the Bollywood veteran had shared a video of a bunch of talented child musicians using what appeared to be cans and water containers and claimed they were from a village in India.

Shehzad Roy re-tweeted Kher’s share, and corrected him: “Sir, thanks for sharing the video I shared a few days back. You say that these talented kids are from Bharat, a humble correction; these kids are from Hunza, Pakistan. I am in touch with them and have sent them all the musical instruments they need.”

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