Opposition leader in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif appeared before the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Tuesday.

He was summoned on the charge of transfer of Rs25 billion to the accounts of employees in Ramzan Sugar Mills. He had got bail from the Lahore High Court on Monday.

The FIA ​​had summoned him at 11am but he reached the ​​Lahore office at 11:47am.

He had already been sent a questionnaire consisting of 20 questions and was directed to give answers to the questions with signatures.

Shehbaz remained in the FIA ​​office for about an hour where a five-member team led by FIA Punjab Zone 1 Director Dr Rizwan interrogated him.

Strict security arrangements were made outside the FIA ​​office for the appearance of Shehbaz while PML-N workers were also gathered outside the ​​office.

QUESTIONED TWICE: Shehbaz Sharif was questioned twice, said PML-N sources.

They said Shehbaz appeared before FIA officials for questioning and answered their questions for more than half an hour.

When he left the office, his car was suddenly stopped and he was called for re-investigation, they added.

However, it was not known at whose orders Shehbaz was called back.

FIA officials declined to comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, PML-N spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb told the media that the opposition leader was summoned due to FIA-Niazi nexus.

She claimed that FIA office has been working in Imran Khan’s office. The NAB office had been working in the Prime Minister’s House for three years. After failure of NAB-Niazi nexus now FIA-Niazi nexus is targeting opposition.

The FIA ​​has summoned Hamza Shehbaz in the case on June 24.


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