The Taliban continued to make advances in Afghanistan as the center of Shahrak district in western Ghor province has fallen to the group, local officials confirmed on Monday. 

Ghor Governor Abdul Zahir Faiz Zada said security forces have evacuated all government offices in the center of the district to prevent civilian casualties in the clashes between security forces and the Taliban. 

On Saturday night, the Taliban detonated a Humvee full of explosives on a security outpost in the district in which at least 10 security force members were killed. 

“Taliban has taken captive four security force members,” sources from the province said. 

Burhanuddin Pahlavi, police chief for Shahrak district, told a local news agency the bombing occurred at around 10pm on Saturday night.

If reinforcements did not reach in time, he warned, the Taliban would once again attack the district that could cause more damage.


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