KARACHI: SereneAir flagship A330 has been involved in another incident today as AP-BNE had to divert back to its origin due to an engine stall.

The plane departed from Karachi to Islamabad with 120 passengers on board including Federal Minister Asad Umar. 

The aircraft departed runway 25L at 12:51 pm (PST) and proceeded North-East towards the capital, reaching a cruising altitude of 39,000 ft. 

At about 1:22 pm, about 31 minutes into the flight, the flight turned back around just short of Rahim Yar Khan and descended to a lower altitude of 22,000 ft. After staying at the altitude, the aircraft further descended to land back on runway 25L without any further incident.

This is the second time that AP-BNE has faced a problem with its engines. According to sources, it is the same engine that stalled on the previous incident this aircraft faced back in October 2020.


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