Prime Minister Imran Khan is ready to give an NRO to the Taliban who killed our people, said PML-N leader Rana Sanaullah.

Sanaullah was referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks given a day earlier in an interview with TRT World.

“We are in talks with some of the groups on a reconciliation process,” he said.

He was speaking outside an anti-narcotics court in Lahore on Saturday where he is facing charges for heroin smuggling.

Sanaullah said the prime minister was not considering the sacrifices made by the armed forces.

Imran Khan can’t shake hands with the opposition but is ready to shake hands with Faqeer Muhammad, the PML-N leader, said referring to a top Taliban leader.

The TRT World reported that: “The PM said he is expecting a deal to come out of the talks but again nothing is certain. He also pointed out that he sees dialogue as the only solution and that the government will ‘forgive’ the militants if an agreement is reached.”

He said that the government has the records of the judges appointed to cases against the opposition and then tries to blackmail them through videos. Before his death, judge Irshad Malik revealed how he was blackmailed, Sanaullah added.

They even blackmailed the NAB chairman. Now they believe there’s no one better than him, he continued.

On July 1, 2019, the Anti-Narcotics Force arrested Sanaullah. The ANF claimed that it seized 15 kilograms of heroin from his car. The PML-N leader has denied the charge. His wife suggested the drugs were planted in the vehicle.

The hearing was adjourned for October 16 due because the ANF prosecutor was not available. Five accused, including Rana Sanaullah, appeared before the court. The court has asked lawyers to argue on the co-accused’s application for acquittal.


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