Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has urged the international community to stop the fascist regime of Narendra Modi from state-sponsored terrorism and disinformation campaign against Pakistan and hold it accountable for ghastly acts.

Speaking at a seminar hosted in Islamabad by the Institute of Regional Studies on the EU DisinfoLab Report he said Pakistan will continue to expose India’s “evil designs” till it is held accountable for its actions.

A study by the EU DisinfoLab titled “Indian Chronicles — Deep dive into a 15-year operation targeting the EU and UN to serve Indian interests” had in 2019 exposed an Indian propaganda campaign targeting international institutions for furthering its strategic interests while maligning Pakistan.

Another report issued in December 2020 revealed that much of the Indian network was intact and continuing to expand.

Qureshi said India should be held accountable for all its crimes and atrocities on unarmed people of Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, persecution of minorities, particularly Muslims, belligerent and hegemonic designs in the region and attempts to malign global opinion against its adversaries.

According to the report, India launched the smearing campaign in 2005 and engaged more than 10 NGOs accredited to the UN Human Rights Council, about 750 fake media platforms in 116 countries, over 550 registered domain names.

The foreign minister said the “Indian Chronicles” exposed India’s hate for Pakistan. He recalled the measure adopted by the government to fail India’s planned move to smear Pakistan’s image and urged the global community to take notice of Delhi’s “evil designs.”

Qureshi said that he wrote to the EU High Representative and urged him to hold India accountable for its misdeeds. Pakistan’s representative in Brussels briefed the European Parliament and European institutions on the Indian campaign.

Pakistan contacted the chair of the NGO committee in ECOSOC and informed it about the NGOs identified in the “Indian Chronicles”, the United Nations human rights institution and urged them to take action against India.

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