Foreign Minister Qureshi has appreciated Qatar’s positive and constructive efforts as the host of the US-Taliban talks that culminated in the Peace Agreement and the subsequent Intra-Afghan Negotiations.

Foreign Minister Qureshi was talking to Special Envoy of Foreign Minister of Qatar Dr Mutlaq bin Majed Al-Qahtani in Islamabad.

Matters of mutual interest were discussed, with a special focus on the Afghan peace process.

Foreign Minister Qureshi highlighted that both Pakistan and Qatar had facilitated the Afghan peace process.

He said that Pakistan strongly believed in a negotiated settlement as there was no military solution of the conflict in Afghanistan.

Emphasizing that peace and stability in Afghanistan were in Pakistan’s interest, Foreign Minister Qureshi underscored the need to remain vigilant of the role of ‘spoilers’ seeking to undermine the peace process.

He expressed the hope that the collective efforts to achieve lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan would bear fruit and the US-Taliban Peace Agreement would achieve its stated objectives of a peaceful political settlement in Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister Qureshi reiterated Pakistan’s support for Intra-Afghan negotiations which provide a historic opportunity for establishment of durable peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.

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