Monday, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has slammed the Inidan media for falsely reporting the minister’s alleged “quick” and “irresponsible visit” to Kabul.

The minister has made no such visit to kabul and questioned the Indian media’s credibility and sources. He commented that pakistan was looking to good relations with the Kabul government. And is

He did reassure the media that there have been several meetings in Islamabad regarding the Afghan issue. Pakistan has no qualms regarding ties betwen New Dehli and Kabul. But if India intends to keep the peace in the region it has to give up its childish need to humiliate Pakistan.

The minister added that there were several meetings in Islamabad concerning the Afghan situation. Pakistan has already approached china regarding its role in the Afghan peace process. The foreign minister met with Joseph Borrell the vice president of European Union, with updates on Pakistan’s assistance in evaluation of media workers, diplomatic staff and foreign nationals from Kabul.

Qureshi intends to approach Tajikistan, Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan and Iran and consult a solution to the Afghan situation. Pakistan is still hoping for a inclusive government in Afghanistan, with representation form various ethnic groups. Although that seems unlikely now, peace might still be an option for the region.

The Taliban took over Kabul last Sunday after the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country. Since the takeover the world is anticipating a humantarian crisis within Afghanistan, brought on by the conservative approach of the Taliban to the Islamic doctrine.


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