Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has lambasted Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib and said he should be ashamed for maligning Pakistan and advised him not to use filthy language against Islamabad.

Address party workers in Multan on Saturday, he said Pakistan has played an important role in helping achieve stability in Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister Qureshi said: “The national security adviser of Afghanistan carefully listen to me … as the foreign minister of Pakistan I say that no Pakistani will shake your hand or talk with you if you don’t desist from the kind of language you are using or the accusations you’re making against Pakistan.”

He said Pakistan had paid a “huge cost” in terms of lives lost and financial consequences from terrorism, adding that Islamabad was only concerned with peace and stability in the region.

Foreign Minister Qureshi said the national security advisor should review his statement, he is creating obstacles in the efforts to restore peace.

He said the world had acknowledged Pakistan’s role for peace in Afghanistan.

A report in the Voice of America said Mohib routinely accuses Pakistan of providing support and planning to the Afghan Taliban.

The Afghan national security advisor during a visit to Nangarhar province last month used derogatory language against Pakistan.

Qureshi said he would invite foreign ministers of Muslim countries to Islamabad in March next year to raise the Kashmir issue and present the case of Kashmiris to them.

He said while presenting Palestine’s case at the United Nations, he had been reminded of Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) and the similarities in the demands of the people in Palestine and IoK.

“The case of Kashmiris, which is based on truth and justice, will be presented to them,” said the foreign minister.

He also expressed his gratitude to the National Assembly and the Senate for passing unanimous resolutions that showed the “nation was one on the issues of Palestine and Kashmir”.

Foreign Minister Qureshi said that Pakistan raised the Palestine issue at the UN and succeeded in stopping the “oppression on Muslims”.

The foreign minister said Pakistan had been placed on FATF’s grey list in 2018, and alleged that some politicians had made efforts to get the country’s name on the watchdog’s black list.

“In FATT’s recent meeting, it was noted that Pakistan had taken concrete steps to curb [money laundering],” he said.

He hoped that the country would soon be placed in the white list if the decision is based on merit.


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