LAHORE: Punjab Police has made headlines in the past as well for policing its officers’ social media activity. In the latest media policy of the Punjab Police, a new string of restrictions have been imposed on the personnel.

Orders issued to police officers and personnel direct them to remove themselves from all social media groups and to immediately delete accounts and photos in police uniforms. Personnel of the Punjab Police are prohibited to share pictures of themselves in uniform on any social media websites. 

Wearing police uniforms has also been banned from attending private events and gatherings. The notification also prohibits police officers from making social media groups and sharing content.

Furthermore, officers can not express any opinion about the police on social media, only Superintendant Police (SP) may release statements on social media. 

In addition, Punjab Police banned selfies of uniformed police officers with private individuals.

The rationale behind these guidelines is that such activity tarnishes the image of the force in public and gives rise to unprofessional behaviour. 


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