The Punjab government has decided to increase traffic challan fees across the province.

According to the update, the traffic police will fine motorcyclists Rs400 instead of Rs300 over violation of traffic rules. If you are not wearing a helmet — a common violation — you will now have to pay Rs600 instead of Rs200.

Offences, such as overspeeding, illegal parking, driving on the wrong end of the road, and driving without headlights, will now cost Rs400 instead of Rs200. The police will impose a fine of Rs500 on underage drivers, and people who do not have licences will have to pay Rs600.

The fine for passenger and commercial vehicles with fake number plates has been increased from Rs1,000 to Rs2,000.

Similarly, rickshaw drivers will be bound to pay Rs500 instead of Rs250 on the charges of miscellaneous violations. The traffic police have also hiked the challan fee for driving without a seat belt, use of mobile phone during driving, and driving without a valid licence. These violations will cost Rs750 now from earlier Rs500.

Additionally, vehicles older than five years will also require certificates of fitness.


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