Talking to the media, the Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Maryam Nawaz, said PML-N would emerge victorious in the upcoming Azad Kashmir elections. 

The comment came as she talked to the media along with senior PML-N leaders after a meeting with the party’s Azak Kashmir leadership, including the incumbent Primer of Azad Kashmir, Raja Farooq Haider. 

Upon a question by the media regarding the ECP’s reply to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s criticism on the constitutional body, Maryam replied, “I want to let the nation know that even the institutions have now realised what an actual Sicilian Mafia looks like. [The PTI] pressurizes state institutions and have targetted the ECP. The position of the ECP regarding the secrecy of the ballot is not their own personal opinion; rather, it is the constitutional position of the body. The constitution is very clear about a secret ballot; even the Supreme Court of Pakistan upheld this position. No one can change the constitutional process of election; only the parliament and the elected representatives of the people can amend it.” 

Furthermore, the PML-N Vice President criticised the ruling party for relying on money for the Senate polls, “When the PTI wins extra seats in Balochistan Senate elections, that is not an issue, when they reply on ATMs and give tickets to people who have no relation to the party a ticket, that is not an issue. But when they lose the Islamabad seat, that is an issue and then the target state institutions,” she added, “PML-N used to be accused of making state institutions controversial. Still, we accepted verdicts, went to jail; it is clear that the PTI is the one who is bullying state institutions.” 

On the issue of PM Imran Khan’s decision to obtain a vote of confidence, Maryam Nawaz said that the irony of the situation was that the President called the session of the Parliament through Article 91(7) of the constitution, which states that the President is satisfied that the Prime Minister does not command a majority in the NA and the session is called for the Prime Minister to gain a vote of confidence. “PTI’s own President is saying that he is satisfied that Imran Khan does not have a majority,” said Maryam, “but I congratulate the President for finally realising what the people of Pakistan realised in Daska, Nowshera and Sindh. I demand that the summary of the President’s notification to call the session of the National Assembly to be made public so the people can see what the PTI is now.”

How will Imran Khan ask his MNAs to vote for him when he has called his MNAs sells-out on national television during an official address, questioned Maryam Nawaz.

Commenting on the upcoming Kashmir polls, Maryam Nawaz said that Raja Farooq Haider and his dedicated team had changed the political culture of Kashmir. Azad Kashmir is no longer an appendix of the Federal Government, and PML-N will sweep through the elections if fairly conducted. “PML-N’s political culture has also changed now; it is not a party that would suffer while keeping its hands tied. If anyone tries to steal the mandate of the people and the vote, we will not let that happen,” Maryam Nawaz said, referring to the Daska rigging scandal. 

Finally, the PML-N leader criticised the government for challenging the ECP’s decision to suspend government officials in the Daska rigging case. Challenging the PTI to fight the opposition in the electoral battleground rather than hiding behind legal challenges to the ECP.


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