A US lawmaker known for his pro-India stance has called for designating “Pakistan as a state sponsoring terrorism.”

Last month, Scott Perry, the Congressman who sponsored the bill, wrote to the White House requesting the Biden administration to block the nomination of Masood Khan as Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States. 

The US administration, however, approved the nomination and issued the Agreement on February 5, which is recognised in Pakistan as Kashmir Day.

Representative Perry has now introduced a bill titled the ‘Stop Pakistani Terror Act,’ which attempts to designate Pakistan as a state that sponsors terrorism, among other things. 

Despite the fact that the bill has been referred to the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, no other House member has joined him in this attempt.

The official website of the US Congress has marked the bill under HR 6993. The main categories of sanctions include restrictions on US foreign assistance, a ban on defence exports and sales, certain controls over exports of dual-use items and other financial restrictions.

The move by the US lawmaker came shortly after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks against NATO and the European Union.


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