ISLAMABAD: President Arif Alvi tests positive for COVID-19 two weeks after his first dose of the vaccine. 

The president took to Twitter to announce that he had tested positive for the novel virus. The president and the first lady got their first shot of the vaccine on 15th March. According to data available about the Sinophram vaccine, which is being used in Pakistan, it takes nearly twenty-one days for the vaccine to provide immunity. 

“I have tested positive for Covid-19. May Allah have mercy on all Covid affectees,” the president said, “had 1st dose of vaccine, but antibodies start developing after 2nd dose that was due in a week.”

The president cautioned the public to be careful as the country is going through the third and the deadliest wave of the virus. 

The immunity rates of the Sinophram have been reported from 50% to 80% in different countries with different sample sizes.


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