PTI’s Nusrat Wahid has claimed that she was offered Rs160 million to switch loyalty and support opposition’s no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan in National Assembly.

Nusrat in a video message said Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) approached her to seek her support for the no-trust motion and also offered to give her a senate seat.

“I think it is difficult to reject such a large amount… but illicit money not only spoils face but destroys generations,” she can be heard as saying.

However, she did not mention the names of those who offered her the bribe.

Her claims came as the ongoing power game turned ugly for Prime Minister Imran Khan even before the voting on the no-confidence motion as around two dozen disgruntled MNAs of the ruling PTI came out in the open on Thursday.

Taking refuge at the Sindh House in the federal capital, several of them gave interviews to different anchorpersons, saying they had parted ways with the ruling party and would not contest the next elections on a PTI ticket.

One of them rubbed even more salt on the wounds when he claimed that three federal ministers had already quit the PTI.

In a TV show, PTI’s estranged member Raja Riaz disclosed that around 24 disgruntled MNAs of the ruling party were staying at the Sindh House, fearing government action against them like the one they witnessed when the Islamabad police had raided the Parliament Lodges a week ago.


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