The power couple, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are venturing into new endeavors. During a press conference at the Dubai World Trade Center, the couple announced their own talk show called ‘The Shoaib & Sania Show’. Tipped to be premiered on Pakistan’s first OTT platform, Urduflix, the celebrity husband-wife will be hosting popular cultural icons from both India and Pakistan.

Mirza shared that, unlike other talk shows, their show will not be a “catty” one as it will focus more on the fun and breezy affair of engaging personalities and cultures across the border, bereft of any dirty games. The poster to their new venture exudes a partner-in-crime vibe.

During an interview with Gulf News, the couple said that the show will not be seeking controversies in any way and will aim to spread the cross-cultural love they experience in disguise. Mirza shared, “It will be a whole lot of love and laughter. I think those two things are very important to us, even as people. Everybody that we know, knows that we deal with most things with humor and that is something that helps us a lot.”

Both ace athletes have demanding careers, and the couple revealed that their collective coping mechanism is humor and the audience will see that in the show as well “The goal is to try to bring that laughter, love, and joy, not just to the audience but also to the guests that are going to come on the show,” shared Mirza. “We don’t want to reveal everything. It’s not a comedy show but it is a show where we are going to try to have as much fun as possible and still try to find meaning in it.”

Malik shared that his partner Mirza has been helping him with acting and hosting given her past appearances in many talk shows, including the most-talked-about notorious chat show, Koffee With Karan. He said, “I have been taking classes from her as she’s good! It’s going to be great fun for me. I’ve done some shows, but it was only on a social media platform and all those shows were with my friends. I had so much fun while doing them (interviews), and a lot of people enjoyed it also. I always wanted to do a show from the studio and that’s what is going to happen”.

In another interview with Khaleej Times, Sania disclosed that the Shoaib & Sania Show is not aiming to extend their social media following. She said, “We do have a large presence (on social media) but I take it with a fist of salt, not even a pinch of salt, for the good and the bad! I think we can definitely reach out to more people through our social media following but it is separate at the end of the day”.

Mirza added, “We do a lot of endorsement and ads [advertisements] together and we just launched our new perfume too. At this stage of our lives and our careers, we’ve been doing what we do for a very long time and we’ve reached a stage where we would love to explore new things as well. We have fun (together)”.

Recently the couple visited Pakistan for the launch of their own perfumes and made an appearance on actor Ahsan Khan’s chat show too. “Our relationship now has reached the stage of friendship! So right now, it’s not like working with your spouse, but it’s more like working with your friend as well,” confessed Mirza. “There’s no better person you can have chemistry with than someone you’ve been with for a long time.”

Talking about being streamed on OTT, Mirza remarked, “I think today everything is about OTT right? I can’t remember the last time I went to watch a movie in the cinema but it’s been a long time, obviously because of Covid and everything else, this will help people from different parts of the world to have access to us and this show”.


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