There were ugly incidents in the federal capital Islamabad when the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leaders were manhandled by the ruling PTI workers. A shoe hurled at Ahsan Iqbal hit on the back of his head.

As the PML-N leaders were addressing party workers gathered in front of the Parliament House, the PTI workers mixed with the PML-N workers and misbehaved with the leadership.

An unidentified person hurled a shoe at Ahsan Iqbal when he was standing up a sunroof of his vehicle and waving at the party workers. The shoe hit him on the back of his head when he turned his head towards workers on the other side.

Murtaza Abbasi was also manhandled by the unruly mob.

Meanwhile, Marriyam Aurangzeb was kicked in the back when she joined the party leadership.

Moreover, PTI workers shoved and pushed Musaddaq Malik and one of them slapped him. The PML-N leaders rushed after a PTI man who kicked Marriyam and Musaddaq Malik and caught him, but others came to his rescue.

Former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was also manhandled by the PTI workers.

There was no police presence when the incident took place. However, later police rushed to the site and controlled the situation.

The PML-N leadership severely condemned the incident.

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