Prime Minister Imran Khan instructs his federal cabinet to create legal instruments that allow the federal government to intercede if provinces attempt to disrupt the supply of essential items.

Minister for Information Shibli Faraz claimed the Sindh government had disrupted the supply of wheat and sugar which in turn created shortages in the country. Mr Faraz told reporters that the Prime Minister had directed the federal cabinet to address legal loopholes that allow provincial governments to block the supply of wheat, sugar and other essential items. He added that the cabinet has been given 15 days to resolve this matter.

Talking to the media on Tuesday, the minister also briefed media on the government’s plan to enhance the powers of the Auditor-General and revealed vital information from the findings of the Oil Commission Report. On the latter, he said stern action was going to be taken against those who were involved in the creation of oil shortages earlier last year. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority sealed 92 petrol pumps who were accused of creating artificial supply shortages for their own gain.

The Prime Minister has also tasked the pension commission to complete their work on the growing pension crisis within Pakistan, according to Shibli Faraz. The 2020 budget set aside PKR 470,000 million in civil and military pensions, an increase of PKR 49,000 million from the original 2019 budget. He also told reporters that the pension bill of many civil institutions is growing exponentially and the government does not have enough money to cover it. Hence, according to him, reform is necessary.


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