Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced an extensive package worth Rs 440 billion for Sindh, during his visit to Sukkur. The package will be aimed towards 14 of Sindh’s under-developed regions.

In an address based on the PTI government’s flagship Kamyab Jawan program in Sukkur, the premier said that Sindh has “always been deprived of the basic facilities, while the underprivileged have had no rights.” 

“If we can equip the youth with skills and education, we can turn them into an asset for the country,” he added.

“We didn’t shut down the country following the Covid-19 outbreak, as was the case with several developed countries, and reaped the benefits,” said the prime minister with regard to the ongoing pandemic.

Imran Khan disapproved of the Sindh government terminating the no objection certificate (NOC) for a region in Karachi, stating that the investment could have benefitted the residents.

“I urge the Sindh government to review its decision so that the returns from the island could uplift Sindh’s economic status,” said the premier, adding that he represented “every province of Pakistan; no part of the country is to witness less development than the other.”


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