Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for a negotiated settlement to the Ukraine conflict, saying “military actions cannot solve any problem.”

In an interview to Russian TV aired on Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran said it was need of the hour to sit around the negotiating table.

“The developing world wants no more war, so we want the Ukraine conflict to be resolved peacefully,” the premier told the interviewer.

About Russia-Pakistan relations, he said “we have bilateral relations and want to strengthen them.”

Prime Minister Imran said that Pakistan suffered a lot in the past by supporting the United States. “So, now we will not be part of any group.”

He said that when the world was divided into blocs, Pakistan joined the US bloc. “We became part of the bloc due to receiving foreign aid. Now when we look at the past, this foreign aid is a curse for the country.

“They [aid receiving countries] cannot build their own system because of aid. They cannot increase exports; they cannot become self-reliant.”

He cited the example of the North-South pipeline project that was suspended due to the US sanctions on the Russian company.

Prime Minister Imran said that the world is facing the problem of money laundering from developing countries to the developed countries. “Poverty is increasing due to money laundering. Fair distribution of resources and stopping money laundering are big challenges,” he added.

“Our former rulers transferred money to London. We can’t do anything to get it back. These countries have made it very difficult to get the money back. It has to change. There has to be a way. This money must be returned,” Prime Minister Imran continued.

“Our main focus should be on how to get our people out of poverty. The best way to end poverty is through trade between all countries,” he added.

About India, he said the present state is Modi’s India. It’s not Nehru’s or Gandhi’s India as he knew India.

Talking about Pakistan-India issues, PM Imran said that we want trade relations with all countries.

He said he offered talks to India as soon as he came into power. “I want to discuss issues with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I want the Indian government to focus on eradicating poverty. But India is in the grip of people like the Nazis in Germany.”

The premier said it was wrong to think that war would increase one’s popularity. “I do not believe that problems can be solved through force. Thousands of people were killed in Afghanistan in 10 years; nothing could be achieved by using force in Afghanistan.”

The world has not yet been able to get out of the ill effects of coronavirus. “What will happen if it goes into another conflict?” the premier questioned.


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