ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan relayed his wishes for a “happy Baisakhi festival” to the Sikh community, saying that the Sikh diaspora and other yatrees visiting their holy sites in Pakistan will be facilitated with Langar, transport, and accommodation under strict coronavirus protocols on the occasion.

The premier said that the community has been given special permission to visit their holy Gurdwaras in Pakistan and attend the Baisakhi rituals.

“Wishing our Sikh community a happy Baisakhi festival. We have granted Sikh Diaspora and Indian Yatrees special permission to visit their holy Gurdwaras in Pak and attend the Baisakhi rituals,” the prime minister wrote on Twitter.

The Baisakhi festival marks New Year’s day for the Punjabis, and historically has been celebrated by Punjabis regardless of their religion. The day holds added significance for the Sikh community as on this day, Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth and the last Sikh Guru, had established the Khalsa in 1699.


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