Government denies PIC's order to disclose diplomatic gifts the

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) technology will be used in the next elections. He said this before the start of the Federal Cabinet meeting.

PM Imran says that he will personally follow up on the progress regarding EVM.

A few days back, in his address PM Imran criticized the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on its failure to ensure free and fair Senate elections.

He said, “Now I want to talk about ECP, you have the most important role in the country, it is your responsibility to ensure free and fair elections. Why did you present before the Supreme Court that open ballots cannot be held? Even when the court said that ballots can be secret but there must be some way of tracing votes, the ECP said they cannot do that as well. Couldn’t a simple bar code be added to 1500 ballots?

I want to know, who are the 15 -16 people from our country that sold out. There should be a way of finding that out.

The ECP was given the chance to fix the country’s elections; yet you have discredited and besmirched the democracy of the country.


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