Prime Minister Imran Khan today met with a three-member representative committee of family members of Balochistan’s missing persons and committed to informing them of their exact status.

Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari shared the update on her official Twitter account, adding that the prime minister has tasked the principal secretary to promptly ascertain the exact status of the missing persons.

In February, the human rights minister had met with the 13 families of Baloch missing persons staging a sit-in in Islamabad. The protesting families demanded the government to inform the families of the status of their missing family members. The sit-in concluded when the minister assured the families that the prime minister will meet a three-member representative committee from amongst them to address their concerns.

The meeting took place at the prime minister’s office today. According to Shireen Mazari, Prime Minister Imran Khan committed to updating the committee members on the progress.

“[The] PM also reiterated that our bill to criminalise Enforced Disappearances would be fast tracked along with whatever other laws needed to be amended,” she wrote. “Meanwhile, [the] PM has asked to [be] kept informed of progress on the whereabout of the missing family [members].”


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