Opposition alliance Pakistan Democratic Alliance chief Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman has offered the estranged parties to come back in the fold as the alliance was formed for a greater cause.

He was talking to media in Islamabad after a hurriedly called PDM meeting on Tuesday. His tone was conciliatory as he was seemingly trying to keep the disintegrating alliance intact.

He said they, a reference to the PPP and the ANP, did not consult the PDM and decided to part ways, sent their resignations. “I am delaying my decision on the resignations,” he added.

Maulana Fazal said it was the right of the PDM to seek explanations as the alliance had always taken decisions with consensus.

Maulana Fazal said all the component parties in the PDM are equal.

He said the PDM had taken decisions on the election of Senate chairman and deputy chairman and other issues unanimously.

If they had any objection, they should have called the meeting of party heads or the PDM steering committee . “We have faced many difficult situations and come out victorious as we took decision after consultations,” the Maulana added.

The PDM chief lamented that they took the decision unilaterally. “We are not working for our personal cause,” he continued.

The Maulana said “we ask them to review their decision and contact us, we are ready to talk to them.”

PML-N leader Shahid Khanqan Abbasi also endorsed the Maulana and said the alliance was working for the nation and the country which has been plunged into deep turmoil.


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