The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has rejected Umar Akmal’s request of paying his fine in installments. In his request to the PCB, the batsman had stated that he will not be able to pay the fine in full and should be given this reprieve.

The PCB came to this conclusion after looking at the bankaccount details provided by Umar Akmal.

On February 26, the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) reduced the suspension period of Pakistan’s middle-order batsman Umar Akmal from 18 months to one year and has imposed a fine of Rs 4.25million.

The order said, “Umar Akmal, who was suspended on 20 February 2020, will now be eligible to reintegrate into competitive cricket subject to deposits of fine of Rs4,250,000 and undergoing the program of rehabilitation under the PCB Anti-Corruption Code.”

On 27 April 2020, the Chairman Disciplinary Panel had found Umar Akmal guilty on two charges of separate breaches of article 2.4.4 of the PCB Anti-Corruption Code. He was handed a three-year suspension which was due to run concurrently.

On July 29, 2020, Umar Akmal exercised his right of appeal and the independent adjudicator reduced the suspension period form three years to 18 months.


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