All realms of social media seem to be brimming with the ‘Yeh Humari Pawri Ho Rahi Hai‘ video, which is rapidly becoming the most popular meme in Pakistan. Ever since Dananeer, an Instagram account run by a young woman, posted the now infamous video, originally intended to poke fun at locals faking accents, people across the country are scrambling to recreate it. Pakistan’s cricket team also jumped on the bandwagon with fast bowler Hassan Ali’s own spin on the video.

As the video’s popularity surged nationwide, India too caught on the clamor. Yashraj Mukhate, an Indian musician famous for his viral parody videos, gave a musical edge to Dananeer’s ‘pawri’ video, gaining paramount acclaim.

Mukhate’s rendition gained over two million hits on Instagram and one million hits on Youtube. Soon after, several companies in India began promoting their brands under the ‘Yeh Humari Pawri Ho Rahi Hai‘ umbrella.

An Indian car company also used the trend and tweeted, ‘Why wait for completing the car buying process to celebrate when car buying itself can be a pawwwrty.’

Uttar Pradesh police also used the trend and asked people to report about any late night party that is disturbing them. Their official account tweeted, “Late night #PawriHoRahiHai aur aap disturb ho rahe toh call karein 112.”

Adrian Sina, lead vocalist of the Akcent band also tweeted and said, ‘Yeh Baraf ha, Or mai Pawrii kara huu.’

A student also got in to the act and summarized the online classes.

Below is the original video which unraveled the entire exposition.

We don’t know how long this ‘pawri’ will last but it has certainly made Dananeer a star.


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