National Security Adviser Moeed Yousaf warned the world against abandoning Afghanistan and urged the global community to recognise and work with the Taliban for the safety of Afghans.

“We are saying to the world engage with Afghanistan for the sake of the average Afghan in your selfish national interest… Not as a favour to Afghanistan or anybody,” Moeed said in a meeting to discuss the Afghanistan crisis.

“Pakistan is hoping for an inclusive government in Afghanistan for the sake of ordinary Afghans,” he continued.

He specified it was time for the global community to learn from its past mistakes.

He revisited the era of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan and explained how the US turned on Pakistan afterwards and imposed sanctions on the country under the Pressler Amendment.

Due to the West’s actions, the US and the west went from being the “leading patron to an untrusted, selfish foreign power”, Moeed said quoting people on the ground.

According to the NSA, the world can influence an inclusive government in Afghanistan, ensure basic human rights are being met and avert a humanitarian crisis by engaging with Afghanistan.


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