The national security advisor of Pakistan Moeed Yusuf has urged the world to “engage” with the Taliban’s new caretaker government or risk an unstable Afghanistan as three decades ago.

In an address to foreign media in the capital of Islamabad on Wednesday Moeed Yusuf prompted the International community to avoid previously committed mistakes. 

Yusuf said, “For us, it is an imperative to seek peace and stability in Afghanistan, that is what we are focused on.”

Yusuf said that engaging with the Taliban would dispatch the message that we are “constructively going to try” to help Afghanistan for the sake of its people. 

“We made it absolutely clear that we cannot accept any terrorism from Afghan soil, and frankly the very clear response is that there is absolutely no interest in letting that happen, and so now the goal again is border management, making sure that these [fighters] are not allowed to operate in the way that they do,” he added.

The Prime Minister would be persuading global powers like Russia, China, and India at the SCO to “engage” with the Taliban’s government. 

Yusuf’s comments come as world powers consider the conditions and situations under which they will recognize the new government in Kabul dominated by the Taliban. The group has seized control of the capital, Kabul, on August 15 as former President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

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